Buried in email and worried about your file sharing security?


Kleos offers the smartest way to share and track documents with your clients: enhance security and optimize collaboration in your Legal Firm.

smartest way to share and track documents

One of the biggest challenges facing Legal Practice Professionals today stems from limited time and increasing communication exchanges with colleagues, clients and third parties. It’s hard to juggle case work and communication flows with third parties. Keeping client data secure is paramount and hence a big challenge.

Kleos, the legal practice management software used by 12,000 professionals in Europe, offer a new hassle-free way of sharing confidential documents and conversations in full security. Kleos users can share and track their documents directly from Kleos while Clients and third parties can access the intuitive and unassailable Kleos Connect Portal.

Kleos's benefits











With Kleos you can:

  • share all your documents seamlessly and quickly, also while in court or travelling
  • get a confirmation of when clients and third parties upload or update documents and comments
  • keep document trails and comment threads under control
  • send consistent communications with the logo of your Firm
  • be 100% sure that only the right people get the right messages
  • prevent unwanted access to Kleos Connect Portal and enjoy the certified, top notch and secure data cloud hosting transmission of Kleos.


Keep all your shared documents safe and under control through sending/receiving proof.


Kleos Connect authenticates you as the sender of the message and guarantees that the message was sent to the right recipient.

Better service to your clients

Update your clients real-time through branded communications.

Update your clients real-time through branded communications.

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